Why Choose us

Our approach is not merely to provide back-up jobs to the lay-off participants; rather, we tend to assist in career transition. Our career transition serves includes skill set assessment, resume building, counseling sessions and other job orientation activities for them.

We adhere to the below following process :

Phase 1- Candidate Assessment

Our preliminary role becomes to understand the candidates current responsibilities and job profile in the organization. We map his existing skill set and expertise to understand his capabilities in order to search the right kind of job for him.

Phase 2- Initial Screening

With the initial screening of candidate we assist them in re-building their resume to highlight their skills, experience, expertise and knowledge.

Phase 3- Candidate Employment Opportunities

In outplacement services, our crucial role is to provide employment opportunities to the candidates. Through our strong networking and relations in the industry we tend to offer best of opportunities that are essential for an individual transition.